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Guardian ad Litem, and ICWA Lawyer

Promoting the best interests of children through legal and policy advocacy

What Clients Say...

"Mark was our attorney in our son's adoption. Being gay, we are a 'non-traditional' family. With Mark representing us, we really felt that throughout the entire process, he saw to it that we were treated no differently than any other couple. Our case wound up turning into a case of what was in the child's best interests to one where placement with blood relatives became the focus. Yet Mark did extensive legal research to see to it that our son was not taken away from us and that he became a 'legal' and permanent part of our family. We were fortunate to have him as our attorney!"

--Paul & Blaine

Policy Advocacy

As a child advocate, I know there are times when state law or systems need to be changed to serve the best interests of children. I have worked with members of the Minnesota House and Senate since 1993 to pass laws to reform adoption (I was the principal volunteer lobbyist behind passage of the Minnesota Fatherís Adoption Registry), child welfare, child custody, and child support laws. I know the legislative process, and I have long-term relationships throughout state government that will enable me to deliver results for the organizations I represent in the legislative process. I have also been an advocate for children on several committees to change court rules and practice, including the Minnesota Supreme Court Task Force on Foster Care and Adoption, the Minnesota Supreme Court Child Protection Rules Committee, the Minnesota Department of Human Services Blue Ribbon Adoption Committee, and the Expedited Appeals Rules Committee.

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